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Kurtat gorge, one of most beautiful in Northern Ossetia, was stretched from northeast on a southwest more than on 50 kms. Through Kurtat gorge passed ancient caravan  way in Transcaucasia. It down to a beginning ХХ of century was considered in Ossetia as third on the importance after Military-Georgian and Military-Ossetian  roads. The gray-haired olden time has left on gorges, where lived ossetian, set of original monuments of material culture.  The towers meeting in a plenty in mountains by Northern Ossetia, are the important architectural monuments. Towers  different both under the form and on height. The low and wide towers were under construction under habitation, and high towers - for a defense and sentry purposes. The sentry towers on mountain , as the certificates of bloody collisions and wars with foreign conquers stand. The fires on towers - were lit and faster than lightning the message about approach of an enemy departed  to gorges. ... 

In  gorge the huge cone of a mountain Teple - hoh rises. From slopes it, laying the semicircle, to gorge lowers a glacier. On high rocks the красавцы-rounds live. To you can will be lucky see in the field-glass of rounds rising in the early morning from the Alpine meadows or the afternoon having a rest on slopes.



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Author Toma Kulaeva
Foto Vladimir Lesovodski
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