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Welcome to North Ossetia

My name is Toma, and I'll be your giude in this journey. I hope you will discover something that is new to you, and I also hope that you won't count the time you've spent here as wasted... And who knows, maybe some day you'll come to visit this marvelous country and get to know the people who live here. I'll try to update this page often, so just drop by every once in a while, and you'll get to know all kinds of things about culture, people and nature of Ossetia. 

And May


guide you
in all
your good works!

The nature of Northern Ossetia is magnificent and unique. A splashing stream of Midagrabin Waterfall, dignified immovable flow of the" ice river"; a Karaughom glacier, mysterious "Grotto of the Black knight"... Ossetia is an open-air museum, filled with numerous historical- architectural exhibits like cave stockades, ruins of medieval guard walls and towers, temples, camps of prehistoric people discovered by archeologists and multiple traces of Coban culture. Several millenniums this place was a crossroad for many migrating nations, and each one has left it's traces on this ancient land.
Those who are fond of great outdoors will sure love North Ossetia. They will be able to find trails to any taste here. One could just range through the woods with a backpack on his shoulders, or climb the mountains, or explore dark and mysterious labyrinths of caves, or, if it's a risk lover, take kayak or canoe and go down the rivers Terek or Urukh. We too will soon leave for engrossing journey to explore this wonderful land and everything Mother-Nature had created on it.
The pride and glory of Osetia - are daughters and sons of this country, who made it famous all over the world. Among them are: the great ancient philosopher Anakharsis and greatest historian of 6th century BC Iordan, medieval warrior and military leader Tzarazon Soslan-David and genius poet Kosta Khetaghurov, glorious general Issa Pleeyev and legendary Khadji-Yhmar Mamsurov (Ksanti), the world's first female conductor Veronika Dudarova and Bolshoi Theater dancer Svetlana Adirkhaeva, the captain of "Arctica" ice-breaker Yuri Kouchiev and creator of the first equestrian circus Ali-Beck Kantemirov, two times Olympic Champion Soslan Andiev and eminent conductor Valeri Gherghiev and many-many others... Plainly impossible to tell about everyone, since just a listing will take too much space. Therefore, don't judge me 
too strict. The main purpose of making this page was to express my deep love to my native land and my countrymen. 

On October 15, 1999 Ossetia have celebrated the significant date - 140th anniversary of Kosta Levanovich Khetagurov - the founder of Ossetian Literature. You'll be able to learn more about his work on a separate page.
I would like to thank everyone who visited this page. Please send your questions and comments to  and/or sign my guestbook. And here you can take a look at the old guestbook.


Author Toma Kulaeva
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