The photostudio "Royal" was opened in 1996 from minilab Gretag Imaging. In 1997 second minilab of the same corporation was established. This proccess has considerably improved the quality fulfilments of the bookings, what indicates permanently to the rising popularity in environment of the professional photographers.

In 1998 the complete set of the professional labware of the corporation Jobo for manual printing of photos of large formats - 20x30, 30x40 and 50x6 was established with the help of the company "SIVMA" for the further extension of assortment of services for the photographers - professionals.

In 1999 the studio for photography equipped with instrumentation of leading firms (Hensel, Kaiser, Carl Zeiss, Mamia, Canon, Yashica, Metz) was opened. The photos for the documents, portraits, advertising, reportings both on a negative film, and on a slide of the narrow and mean format are made.

The equipment, established in 2000, for digital processing of the map allows to restore old photos, to make photoalbums, photomontage, the reproductions, processing the map for polygraphy, etc. The original breadboards and slides are also made.

More than 4 years due to high quality and good servicethe "Royal" corporation retains a carrying on position in the market of a photo of services of Republic of North Ossetia-Alanya. Among clients of studio are NOSMA, NKSTU, NOSU, SMAU, MIA, plants "VRZ", "Gazoapparat", "Project-press" agency, etc.